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It's time to have some fun!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Doesn’t seem too long ago that I was finishing off university and starting my first “proper” job.

Afraid that time has actually flown by and that somehow I’m now 59+

The new adventure has begun. I’ve sold part of my Financial Planning business to the next generation which means I only work 4 days a month (yes, month) In addition to that I also work in Ben-Wild-Studios as Co Founder & CFO on what is certainly an amazing journey with some fantastically talented people.

Having coached clients on living life to the full, I’m taking my own advice in looking for “FUN things” to do. With now free days to fill, Ruth, my wife, Skye the golden retriever and myself have just returned from a 5-week European ROAD TRIP driving through France, Germany and arriving in amazing Austria. This was not a holiday but an attempt to “ live like a local '' in a totally different place.

In the ski resort of Bad Hofgastein where skiers appear then depart every 7 days, we were soon identified as “locals” as we stayed more than 7 days!

Renting a modern apartment and spending (probably too much time) in the Blue bar and restaurant, we soon settled into a new routine. This bar was very dog friendly. You’d order your drinks and before they served you they would pop around the bar and give Skye a bowl of fresh alpine water…. Such is their love of dogs!!

We had a set daily routine:

I would wake around 830am; take Skye out for the obligatory morning wee. Then off to the bakery for the fresh baguette. Up next was breakfast for Ruth and myself on the balcony of the apartment sitting in amazement of the huge enormity of the alpine mountains . We’d watch the “ant-like” skiers come down the mountain and take in the fresh air that really does feel so much cleaner than here in the UK.

Late morning, it was time for Ruth, myself and Skye to drive to Angertal, 4000 feet up in the snow laden mountains. As we parked up we spotted the skiers (now not ant size!), appeared at speed through the forest and congregate at a typical wooden built restaurant for the apres ski to commence!

We needed to walk this dog. Carefully we would cross the end of the ski run then onto a hiking route. Next to the very snowy path was a stream with snow laden tree branches leaning over it. If you have ever seen Narnia, then you’ll appreciate how magical this place was. Without hesitation, Skye, now off his lead, was sliding down the snowy bank and into the shallow stream. A game of us kicking snow to him then began which had him jumping into the air desperately trying to catch the snow! We would spend 30 mins doing this and it was Skye’s best part of the day: he just didn’t want to stop having Fun!

All this exercise was making us hungry so we went back to the wooden built restaurant. Many surprising glances at Skye: what is a dog doing up here?! Inside the restaurant it was clear we were the only non skiers… and the only people with a dog. Time for Austrian Goulash soup to warm you up. Skye would simply lay down under the wooden table, give out a deep sigh and have a snooze!

As Ruth and I sat there we’d often appreciate the time we were now having away on this adventure. We had no return tickets for Eurotunnel and it was for the 1st time in our lives really up to us when we decided to drive back to England.

Yes we were having fun with more to come…


This copy will form part of a book, “We’re NOT having a Dog!”. Based on a true story it shows the often funny story of a family deciding to have their 1st dog and the joy and sometimes mayhem that evolves!

Ben Wild Studios is now looking for a Publisher who can share our vision on this exciting project.

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