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Software for Small Studios!

We see ourselves as a boutique film, animation & design company so this means we are a lean team. Keeping us lean is a team of 7 (or 9 when we use our freelance force) however binding this team together is a collection of smart thinking software & tools to enhance & streamline our day-to-day.

We thought jumping into what our go-to software choices are could add a bucket of value to the work-flow for small & big studios a'like.

In no particular order:


  • We use Monday to build out the work flow for our team, map out longer standing projects & retainers. Monday is a fantastic spot to keep track of small & longer term projects while being able to see a status at the blink of an eye. The notes & comments section works a treat at keeping track of all amends.

Check it out here 👉 here

Adobe Suite

  • Adobe is our main creative outlet! We use EVERYTHING it has to offer. Our day-to-day consists of working across a collection of mediums which relies on utilising the whole Adobe suite.

Check it out here 👉 here


  • Playbook! This is the spot we use to share files, films, assets & all that good stuff with our clients. It's playful approach, easy to use makes it ideal to do the above. We don't have much more to say. It's fantastic tho.

Check it out here 👉 here

What is your go-to software? What do you use to maintain your workflow, team & all the creative goodness?

Thanks so much for reading.

Ben & co

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