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Three years in business.

Well technically it’s been about 3 years and 4 or so months but since the official date for registering the business (Ben-Wild-Studios) marks the 3 year point I thought it was only appropriate to follow up my “One year in business blog” with where are we now. 

Well starting big, we have grown. Since the last blog we have grown from 2 FT members of the crew & then 5 regular freelancers to 5 FT crew members and about 15 regular freelancers. This has been such a fantastic learning curve and such a brilliant experience to learn & grow. Ben-Wild-Studios (or BWS as we call it at the HQ) has grown and started to shape into something I am incredibly proud of.

Another HUGE element of 2023 has been our new & old clients. Our retainership type clients have grown dramatically and our flagship project client base has grown exceptionally. 

Cool right? 

So with all that what has been a highlight? There is plenty for sure, and we feel incredibly fortunate that we have so much to shout-about. BUT, personally I have some highlights: we worked on a handful of music videos, live action & animation. These were incredibly thrilling. We worked on a spec/pilot film with Q from Impractical Jokers, this came in unison as we launched our specialized film department. The “Q” film was directed by myself with Dids leading edit and DP’ing & Holly directing from the animation department. This wasn’t only a BWS highlight but certainly a career one to date. 

Oh did I say we launched a film department!? With the increase in clientele we have also had an increase in demand for story-driven films. This is why we brought on the brilliant Dids to launch & run this department. We are excited to see how this part of the business grows in 2024. 

For me 2023 has been a spectacular year of learning, growing and seeing how much the BWS crew can achieve month on month. 

Here are a few key things I learned…

  • Things take time. As cliche as that sounds, things really do. Projects which may have been meant for commission in January may have taken until October but this is simply the way for some clients.

  • Be kind. I reckon this was in my previous roundup two years ago. BUT, it’s so true. Being kind can help you stand out in a potentially crowded market.

  • Work hard. Given again? But it's very true. Working hard will put you in a position to most likely have more opportunities than if you weren’t.  

As always, thanks a bunch for reading! Hope you had a smashing Christmas and If this adds value to your day please feel free to share it.

Ben & team.

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