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The Stable

Telling stories that captivate audiences is a huge part of what we do & over the years our team of artists, animators (& Professional Storytellers) has developed our own. The Stable is the coming together of those characters, worlds & adventures. 

Over the last couple of years, these original IPs have garnered worldwide interest. With plans to develop these stories into animated, film & other forms of entertainment. 

Hollyana is one of our fabulous stories which takes place across multiple genres, worlds & adventures. It follows our leading character Hollyana, a bold adventurous heroine. Hollyana attracted attention from studies in London & New York wth ongoing conversations happening about the potential scope of where the story could go next. 

Our Stable has been featured in the following news outlets...

Ben Wild Studios ltd retains all rights to the above-mentioned IPs.

If you'd like to request manuscripts, concept art more information please email our team at

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