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Creating art for GUCCI!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Last year we had the privileged of GUCCI enquiring about a project & then working with us. Projects of all shapes & sizes come through the doors at Ben Wild Studios.

What was the brief?

We were tasked with painting up a banner image which then evolved to a Victorian seaside pop-up display. This was then used in the live action & photoshoot revolving around their 2020 children’s campaign. We had to capture the brands identity & the themes of one campaign in the form of one painting.

After the brief landed on our desk we sat down with the team, brainstormed & scribbled ideas down to showcase to the client. We had a blast playing around with styles, ideas & different techniques. We had to ‘try’ to replicate styles & techniques from the time period the theme was set.

This brief was commissioned by Emma Roach Studios as part of the wider set design for the GUCCI 2020 Children's product launch & ad.

What was the outcome?

Our artwork was displayed in their video campaign & all the print material published. This artwork garnered a generous amount of attention from media, press & online.

Huge thanks to Emma Roach Studios for getting me & the team involved on this one.

Thank you for reading & if you have any questions about our services don’t hesitate to get in touch. & (+44)07545961586

Cheers for now,


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